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Law Offices of Jiali Pan & Associates, PLLC

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(718) 395-8299

​潘佳利大律师 (Jiali Pan, Esq.)

​        在群星璀璨的华人美国律师中,潘佳利律师是少有的几位具备中国法官背景和中、美、加三国投资及经营管理经验的复合型律师。他24岁成为中国法官;28岁当上中国某政府开发区管理委员会官员并兼任进出口公司经理及中韩合资企业中方代表;31岁被中国某企业派驻美国分公司任董事长。在美国法学院深造毕业后,他率先成为美国EB-5全职专业律师、美国移民律师、商业诉讼资深律师。由于他有美国扎实的商业诉讼及商业流转根基,早在2001年他就发表了专著《美国商务法研究》并赢得了好评。





David Greenberg, Esq.

David has built a successful career in both immigration law and litigation by being a passionate advocate for his clients. Since graduating from law school in 2011, David has represented clients in courts all across New York City, and has worked tirelessly to assist many immigrants in achieving their dream of coming to America. Whether it is working on complex commercial litigation, arguing in immigration court to help a client gain LPR status, or going the extra mile to make sure a green card application is approved, David takes great pride in ensuring his clients are happy with his work.

​David has lived and worked throughout much of America, including having worked in politics in Washington D.C. and serving in the U.S. Army. Outside of his work, David is an accomplished musician, a martial artist, and is currently learning both Mandarin and Cantonese.